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This Christmas Season, join me in bringing lights into the lives of rural communities that have never seen a light bulb in their lives!

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    Go Go Go!

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    What a great way of ending the year and giving something back this Xmas time, thanks for sharing Sumeet! I'm inspired!

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    Help should be provided to those in need. Really happy to help for this cause

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    May the 'light' be with you and your fellow Indian friends

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    A small Loan for a greater cause.

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    Relending the money I got back from a previous sponsored loan! :) Loan a little. Change a lot!

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My name is Sumeet and this Christmas I am raising funds for rural communities in Orissa, India. As an early evangelist at, I have personally witnessed the immense positive change a small loan can bring about . What is most impressing to me is the fact that 100% of your contribution goes as loans and you know exactly who is benefitting from your contribution.  

Helping people to help themselves is the only solution to sustainably solve our social issues. Therefore, I choose to raise loans instead of donations where a loan is going to empower them for a lifetime.100% of the money  loaned gets  back to you albeit on the way it will help improve many lives.

The loans raised in this campaign will be used to install solar lamps and smokeless cookstoves to bring light and clean air into lives of poor rural communities in Orissa, India.Every Christmas, we spend hundreds of dollars on festive gifts.This Christmas, join me in bringing lights into the lives of rural communities that have  never seen a light bulb in their lives!  Lets light up their lives!

Milaap believes in giving people a hand up - which is why, the contributions are given out as loans, rather than one-time donations. This means that 100% of your contributions come back to you in twelve months. Once the money comes back to you, you can choose to fund the same amount to another borrower, thereby multiplying your impact.


What is Milaap all about?

Milaap is a social enterprise that enables people around the world to give loans to the working poor in India. Based in Bangalore, Milaap is the world's first and currently, the only online micro lending platform that enables non-Indians and non-resident Indians (NRIs) to make loans to the poor in India. Milaap's loans are aimed towards providing people with access to basic essentials like clean drinking water, sanitation, renewable energy, vocational training and enterprise development.

A few things that you may want to know about the money that you lend in:

This is a loan, not a donation.

  • 100% of your money goes to the end borrower

  • You will know exactly who your money goes to and get regular updates on your repayments.

  • Within 24 months, you will get 100% of your money back.


To know more about Milaap and how it works, read some FAQs:





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Lending to the working poor through Milaap involves risk of principal loss. Milaap does not guarantee repayment nor do we offer a financial return on your loan