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Help Mallamma take up vocational training and get started on a promising career

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My name is Aditi, a journalism graduate and diploma in HR are my educational accolades. I have always been a creative person with interests in painting, reading, writing, music, social service and self help. A voracious reader and emotional thinker - my personality is akin of a person whose mind is always on a look out to voice its words.

After spending a few years in the corporate world and meeting varied people - my mind took me to pursue my longest and worst crubbed thought of writing a book. With my husband's support and a thought that -

There is not only the human world filled with stories, but the non-human world, or even the vast inanimate world has some feelings to share. I have come up with my debut book - Once Upon A Coin.

It is a story that binds us all and brings us closer to the human feelings, that we are prone to measure our world with.

Capturing the essence of human life and different values that bind it - we want to raise funds with Milaap - as it gives me ample opportunity to be doing what has always been my priority on things to do :)

 This fund raiser is my catharsis and long due of being a part of the society we live in and contributing my bit to it.

 As the coin says -

Happiness is such an inexpensive thing. Just simple actions and gestures can bring about so much happiness in someone’s life. Joy of giving need not come packed in fancy wrappers and expensive brands. A glass of cold water offered to the courier man who delivered you a letter this summer afternoon, a smile to your neighbour, a word of appreciation for your co worker are all tiny things but they bring about bigger joys.

Money brings satiety –happiness counts!

I want to reach out to millions and if I can even make one person smile - it is my Milaap :) with humanity!

I believe that every youngster in our country should receive compulsory education, infact there are many who want to study and get a job but can't due to lack of resources or family problems. Once such girl I came across on Milaap was a 19 year old Mallamma who completed her PUC in rural village of Antur Bentur. She wants to undergo a vocational training course which will help her catch up to more experienced young urban jobseekers by equipping her with computer and communication skills. 
At once, I decided to support her and raise funds for her so she can be become confident and get a secure job. The training program will place Mallamma in a job after eight months. She needs a loan of Rs.25,000 which she will repay in monthly installments with the income from her new job.

So come and let's do good by educating the future of our country. I am giving away copies of my first book, "Once Upon A Coin" to anyone who makes a loan of Rs.1000($20) on

How it works is simple: You make a loan of Rs.1000($20), enter your contact information [HERE] and we'll send you a copy of the book!


What is

Milaap is an organisation that's is working to raise funds to help the poor in India get access to sanitation, clean drinking water, education, energy and livelihood generation opportunities. Since your money is given out as a loan, rather than a donation, 100% of your money comes back to you. Read more here.

How do I make a loan?

Sign-in with your email, Facebook account or twitter account. Pay using your credit/debit card.

And how do I get the book? 

Click here to fill up a form with your name, email, mailing address and your telephone number. Your copy of the book will be on its way!

How do I get the money back?

Once you make a loan, Milaap will create an account for you that'll help you keep track of your loan. You'll know exactly who your money went to and be able to keep track of repayments. Once your loan is repaid in 18 months, you can choose to withdraw your money or re-lending, thus multiplying the impact of the same amount of money.

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Lending to the working poor through Milaap involves risk of principal loss. Milaap does not guarantee repayment nor do we offer a financial return on your loan