Help Mayukh Choudhury raise 44,000 INR

Bilash, Nasim, Aquuel, Mintu and others at the DRF Training center in Barrackpore, West Bengal.

This new year help Mayukh change the lives of Bilas and his friends.

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Mayukh set-up this campaign!

About Mayukh - Mayukh is a Co-Founder of Milaap. Prior to Co-Founding Milaap, he has been a financial risk consultant in Dubai, where he worked with top banks and asset management firms. Since then Mayukh has sold solar lanterns in the hinterlands of the country, sat with traders in rural mandis to understand the complex agri-financing system of India, and of course setting up footprints of Milaap across 10 states. Mayukh is passionate about education, and beleives skilling the youth is our prirority as a society.



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Here is what Mayukh has to say...

this new year let's join hands to skill a few young guns, and change their lives. Help me raise a litle to help Bilas Parui and nine of his frinends complete their skill-training course and embark on a journey of hope. 

the story of Bilas Parui:

Bilas Parui comes from Shakarpur, a distant village in Kushdanga, North 24 Parganas in West Bengal. Bilas could not continue school after 10th, because he had to support his father, a worker in the nearby jute mill, to raise a family of four. I met Bilas and a group of his friends at a training center of Dr. Reddy’s Foundation (DRF) in Barrackpore, a small township in the northern suburbs of Calcutta, where Bilas and some of his other friends have come to acquire skills in automobile repair. I believe Bilas, Mintu, Nasim, Aqueel, Sovan and others will be able to set up their garage and repair shop one day, and his friend Nasim will go back to school to complete his graduation after he helps his family tide over a financial crisis. 


My Cause for Skill-Training

How well we train our youth will decide the future of this county; if we succeed a great nation lies ahead, a failure will tantamount to social catastrophe. I believe the most daunting challenge on our way of skilling lies in changing a mindset of disdain amongst millions of youth across the country. The courses are designed to those left out by an apathetic education system back to a career – igniting a passion, instilling confidence, and imbibing an ambition. Unfortunately payment of course fees is a major concern, given their economic background, and also the prevalent apathy towards learning. Students pay a Rs. 1000 for a 45 day course, but that hardly is sufficient to cover for the cost of a good course which costs approximately Rs. 5500. DRF finds it really difficult to reach out to a larger audience under such challenges. 


The Training Institute – Dr. Reddy’s Foundation (

Set up in 1996, Dr. Reddy’s Foundation (DRF) is a non-profit partner of Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories. Driven by its belief in the inherent motivation and capacity of the human being for progress – given the appropriate and adequate environment – DRF innovates and tries out novel concepts that are continuously refined and scaled up to cover larger groups of disadvantaged populations. All the ten candidates are getting skilled at Dr. Reddy's training center in Barrackpore, West Bengal. 

DRF strives to provide various opportunities for learning to those who have never been to school, or have dropped out of it; it also works to improve the quality of education in schools. DRF is playing very crucial role of training students at the extreme grassroots – those who have been completely disregarded by the formal education system – by training such students along with very strong employment linkages to set them on a career track. 

Dr. Reddy's Foundation will receive the proceeds of this fundraiser.

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