Help Mangesh raise Rs.80000(~ 10,000 SEK)

Everyone deserves the right to education. Let's give them this blessing by helping me raise money for this noble cause.

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My name is Mangesh and with Milaap I am raising funds for education & training. Just like our basic needs of food, shelter & clothing, I believe that education is the basic need to survive and live in this world.

Unfortunately, many don't get this blessing and end up working at an early age. I was shocked when it came to my notice that 60% of Indian students don't complete their education because of resources. We live in a country where we have easy access to technology but not education.

The wisdom that I have gained has triggered me to give something back to the society & betterment of the needy. After gaining a good education in one of the best universities in the world, I feel that it is my social responsibility to help other to the best of my efforts. With this in mind, I also wish to involve some more good hearts along with me to contribute to the cause.

With the amount raised, the impact wouldn't be seen in their present lives but also in their future. If we reach the target amount an educated and trained youth will be less dependent on their agricultural income.They will be able to manage alternative jobs for more sustainable income.

Milaap believes in giving people a hand up - which is why, the contributions are given out as loans, rather than one-time donations. This means that 100% of your contributions come back to you in twelve months. Once the money comes back to you, you can choose to fund the same amount to another borrower, thereby multiplying your impact.


What is Milaap all about?

Milaap is a social enterprise that enables people around the world to give loans to the working poor in India. Based in Bangalore, Milaap is the world's first and currently, the only online micro lending platform that enables non-Indians and non-resident Indians (NRIs) to make loans to the poor in India. Milaap's loans are aimed towards providing people with access to basic essentials like clean drinking water, sanitation, renewable energy, vocational training and enterprise development.

A few things that you may want to know about the money that you lend in:

This is a loan, not a donation.

  • 100% of your money goes to the end borrower

  • You will know exactly who your money goes to and get regular updates on your repayments.

  • Within 24 months, you will get 100% of your money back.


To know more about Milaap and how it works, read some FAQs:



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Lending to the working poor through Milaap involves risk of principal loss. Milaap does not guarantee repayment nor do we offer a financial return on your loan