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This Birthday, join me in empowering women in rural India and let's impact lives of the less fortunate with our support.

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About the borrwers, Rualzakhumi and Group: 

Rualzakhumi lives with her aged parents in Aizawl, in Mizoram. Her parents can no longer support the family as they are physically weak and old now. Rualzakhumi takes care of the family and she is also very hard-working. She is the featured profile member for the DinDin group. She is pictured with her hand raised. The group consists of five women members living in Mizoram, which is one of the north-eastern states in India. With the Milaap loan, she is planning to start a poultry farm. She has a few chickens at the backyard of her house, wherein she feeds them and sells them when they are fully grown. She will purchase more chicks, build a larger coop and raise them. With keen interest and dedication, she will expand the chicken poultry. The rest of the group members are also engaged in piggery,tailoring, and poultry and will use the loan to expand these small businesses.


What is Milaap all about?


Milaap is an online community that empowers urban, socially responsible individuals to lend towards positive impact.The end borrowers are the deserving, working poor in India - students, small businesses and families, who need a small amount of capital to get ahead and change their lives for the better.  

Since 2010,  Milaap has raised over Rs 6 Crores from 7000 people across the world, impacting over 30,000 lives in 10 states. 

A few things that you may want to know about the money that you lend in:

This is a loan, not a donation.

  • 100% of your money goes to the end borrower

  • You will know exactly whom your money goes to and get regular updates on your repayments.

  • Within 18 months, you will get 100% of your money back.

 To know more about Milaap and how it works, click here


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Lending to the working poor through Milaap involves risk of principal loss. Milaap does not guarantee repayment nor do we offer a financial return on your loan