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At dunnhumby, we consistently dedicate ourselves to make the experience of retailers and brands more personal. This dedication has led to impacting the lives of millions of customers across the globe. Extending this dedication to our community, we as a team envision going beyond the ordinary and do something for the underprivileged sector too; wherein the most basic amenities like education, hygienic lifestyle and electricity is a distant dream.

Through the partnership of our Helping Hands and Green Team programs with Milaap, we want to make this distant dream a reality.

We hope to replace traditional chulhas with smokeless cook stoves for more than 25 families in the villages of Orissa. This will impact the lives of approximately 150 people. These families will then be able to breathe fresh air and keep the respiratory diseases away. This will also provide them a better and healthier standard of living.

We want to support a group of 25 women from a village in Orissa who want to start their own business in making footwear out of natural fibers.This will enable them to enjoy an improved standard of living and save up a for a secure future.This will impact the lives of 100 people.

We also hope to support a group of 13 women in Dakshin Durgapur, West Bengal, to install solar lighting in their houses so that they can work in the evening and generate more income for their families. This will also help their children to come back from school and study in light.Your loan will impact around 60 lives.

Milaap believes in giving people a hand up - which is why, the contributions are given out as loans, rather than one-time donations. This means that 100% of your contributions come back to you in twelve months. Once the money comes back to you, you can choose to fund the same amount to another borrower, thereby multiplying your impact.

Disclaimer: dunnhumby will not be liable for any refunds of individual employee contributions. For refund related issues, please write to

Help these families realize their dreams
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  • Loan for cook stoves
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About Milaap

Milaap is an online platform that enables you to lend to India's working poor so they can get access to education, clean water, energy and more. It’s a loan, not a donation, which means that you get your full loan amount back once your borrower repays it. We believe that while donations can create great impact, they have a relatively short life-span. By giving someone a loan, you’re giving them a hand up; you’re encouraging borrowers to be judicious and enterprising. What’s best is that the same amount you lend to a borrower can be repeatedly used to fund more borrowers as soon as it is fully repaid! That way, small amount of money goes a long, long way.

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Lending to the working poor through Milaap involves risk of principal loss. Milaap does not guarantee repayment nor do we offer a financial return on your loan