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This Independence Day, I want to stop talking and start acting. Help me make a difference!

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Given the context, I, Tanvi, can make the following points about myself . I am:

- a young frustrated Indian
- someone who believes in change and action towards it

I honestly want to do this fundraiser to only not feel guilty of not actively doing something as I wake up late on another Independence Day. I have done it too many times. Not again.

I often get frustrated and impatient with the mismatch of our country's potential and the 'results' we actually achieve. I hear people talk about it ALL the time. And most times I feel like shutting them all up. :D I still don't understand what stops anyone from doing something. Especially the youngsters. (I know I am generalizing, but forgive me. I am older and more cynical. I am trying not to be. Everyday.)

This year at least I can say I tried. I tried to make a marginal difference, if not a big one.


About Jacqueline

Jacqueline is a 19-year-old girl who dropped out of school after Class 7 for various reasons. She is currently working in the Samanvaya SHG working on manufacturing baskets, bins, photoframes and assorted home accessories from natural fibres such as straw and bamboo. This group of 12 women is looking to expand their unit by purchasing more raw materials and machines. this Jacqueline needs a loan of Rs 35,000. She will repay it in 18 months' time with the increased income.


About Muttamma

Muttamma is a sprightly 45-year-old woman who works as a weaver in a handloom unit in Gadag. She and her group are an enterprising bunch of women. This group of believe that they need to invest more capital, buy more looms and yarn and produce more to increase revenues. For this Muttamma needs a loan of Rs 35,000. Her monthly will increase when the revenues increase as well.


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